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Difference Between Organic and Inorganic Compounds:

Organic and inorganic posses different compostion. nature, structure, and properties.the different between
 organic and inorganic compounds are illustrated from the following statement.


1..)carbon is basic element of an organic compounds..

e.g .acetic acid (CH3COOH). CH4 (Methane).CCL4 (Carbon tetrachloride.). RNH2.

2..) organic compounds mostly consist of carbon, hydrogen, halogen, and phosphorus.

3..)organic compounds are mostly covalent in nature.

4..)organic compounds  have low solubility in water.

5..)organic compounds sharply soluble in an organic solvent.

6..)organic compounds have low melting and boiling points.

7..) orgain compounds are flammable and combustibe.

8..)organic compounds have a property of isomerism and polymerism.

9..)some organic compounds volatil..e g  Banzane Ether etc.

10..)the reation of oeganic compounds are usually slow.

11.) they  are usually non conductor of electicity.

12.) organic compounds are studied as hydrocarbon and derivative of hydrocarbons. Example : ROH, RX,RNH2,RCHO etc


1..) carbon is not basic  elements of inorganic compounds.

e.g .NACL(Sodium chloride)..CO2 (Carbon dioxide)..H20 (water)  HCL (Hydrochloric acid)....H2SO4 (Sulfuric acid)

2..) inorganic compounds consist of all the elements known.

3..)inorganic compounds are mostly inonic in nature.

4..) inorganic compounds are heighly soluble in water.

5..) inorganic compounds are not soluble in organic compounds or solvents.

6..)  inorganic compoundshave heigh melting and boiling points.

7..)  inorganic compounds are not flammable and combustible.

8..)  inorganic compounds have no property of isoerism and polymerism.

9..) inorganic compounds are non-volatile.

10.) the reation of inorganic compounds are fast.

11.) they are mostly conucter of electricity.

12.) inorganic compounds are studied as a acid, base and salt.Example  ...H2SO4....NAOH.....NA2CO3...etc


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