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Importantances of Organic Chemistry.

No field of sciences is so closly related with our daily activities as" ORGAINIC CHEMISTRY" .the food we eat, the changes with this food undergoes inour body are organic chemical reation, the clothes we wear, the soap and strach used to lainder them, the leather in our shoes, the furniture used  in our houses, the paint and varnish , the fuel and lubricants are all organic  in nature. the importances of organic compounds in Everyday Life is Shown by the Following List..

  1. Food                                     : Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates,
  2. Clothing                                :Cotton, Silk, Wool, Nylon, Rayon, Dacron,
  3. Shelter                                  :Wood, paints, varinshes,
  4. Power and transportantion       : Natural Gas, Petroleum Products, Coal,
  5. Medicienes and drugs             : Penicillin G, Streptomycin, LSD,
  6. Insecticides                            :DDT
  7. Herbicides                               :Treflan, 2, 4-D
  8. Hormones and steroids
  9. Vitamins and enzymes
  10. Pigments and dyes
  11. Paper and inks
  12. Photographoc film and developers
  13. Perfumes and flavours
  14. PPlastics,rubber and flavours
  15. Plropellants and explosives
  16. Soaps and detergents
  17. Refrigerants

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