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Why Organic Chemistry is a Seprarate Branch of Chemistry ?

Organic chemistry obey the same fundamental laws of chemistry that Hold for  inorganic
compounds. however, they are studied as a separate discipline becaues of the following reasons.

{1}  Large number of compounds.

There are approximately 100,000 known inorganic compounds and this number is  not repidly increasing.
on the other hand, ther are over 5 million known organic compounds and several thousand new compunds
are synthesised each year. if the study of 5 million organic compounds was included with that of carbon
under inorganic chemisttry, it would throw the subject out of balance.

{2} Unique chemical and physical prperties.

There are maked differnace between the compostion, structure, and properties of organic  and inorganic
compoounds which make their study as a separate branch more practical and useful.

{3} Unique character of  carbon.

Carbon has the ability to bond successively to other carbon atoms to from chain of varying lengths and shapes.
this property of carbon is called " catenation" and is responsible for the variety and large number of organic

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